Monday, February 05, 2007

Fun Stuff!!!

From September 2006-December 2006 I was in a Punk Rock Gift Exchange, and I had fun! The folks that ran it were awesome! If you are interested in signing up for it, the blog is here. I am soooo participating in it again! All the rules etc are posted. Warning: You must be fully committed to it. The last time there were a bunch of flakes that ruined it for some of the folks. You can read all the details at the blog. I believe the time line on it this time will run until the summer.

Free Pattern Sites: Yes you know the name! They have a ton of wonderfully affordable yarns at Michaels, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby! You can also order their yarn from their website. They have a TON of free patterns when you register on their site! They will email their newest ones in a weekly newsletter. They have knitting & crochet patterns!!!! TONS of fun Patterns Knitting & Crochet!!! They also have a great newsletter too! And what knitter doesn't have this site bookmarked? This was the first site I came accross when I first started knitting. I aspired to knit the "Cool boys knit" hoodie but he he he I've yet to attempt that one! I love their articles too! This site puts out monthly patterns! So much fun!!!! I love looking back on some of their patterns! These ladies Rock! It is a quarterly general craft mag that is unique. Not only are there knitting & crochet patterns but they also have recipes and other cool crafty thing(sewing patterns, sculptures, etc)


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