Monday, March 24, 2008

Update: On the Status of Knit in the Ham

You may have been directed to this site from Lionsbrand. Our group no longer actively meets.
I know it is very very sad but for me, Sunday is my only day off with my daughter.

I give you various places in the Ham to go!! Yay!!!
Get your stitch'n Bitch on!!!

1. Knit Nite at In the Making
Great group of ladies!! They meet up 2 Thursday nights in the month for some stitchin and bitchin. More info on their site. They are an incredible shop too!

2. Stitchn'Bitch at Knit Nouveau
The shop owner Mercedes is very nice. Her shop is super groovie! At one time they met up 2 Thursdays a month also. Again, check out their site for more info.

Lately, I'm knitting for Thread of Love at CCUMC. If you are interested in joining shoot me an email lesleyd at gmail.

Best of luck if you know of any other knitting/crochet groups meeting up please post them in the comments in this post!!

Knit On!!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's still on!

Hola peeps. Just wanted to let anyone who may still visit this blog that Knit in the Ham is still up and going. Lesley is better at attending than I am lately but I'm gonna start making a better effort to show up. Why wouldn't I want to?? It's way fun and you get to knit, drink and gossip all at the same time. I know you can do the same at home but is your husband as fun as Lesley and I. We understand the knitting cravings and the love of all fibers!!! And we love to learn new things and help newbies!!!! So, if your not a knitter but wanna get out of the house and try some craftiness come on out. Let's say this Sunday at 3pm. Not sure of location yet. Probably Applebee's over on 119. But who knows if we change it We'll post it up here for ya. Come out and play with us!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Recap of April Fool's Day knitting

We had 4 total attendees, Robbie, Mary Sym and myself. Sym learned how to do a crochet chain. She loved watching Robbie so she showed her how. LOL
I didn't take pics of the last two meetups because I'm special like that. LOL So when ya'll coming out to see us?
Here is Robbie Showing Sym how to Crochet:

Miss Mary Knitting

Here's my duck sock disaster in progress(Don't Ask, it got frogged & hidden)

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

NO meet up this sunday

It's Easter! Yeah I forgot about that too! LOL


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Knitting it up at Margarita Grill

Searching for my long lost shaker of Salt...

Sunday 3/25 3PM
Margarita Grill
Highway 119 Pelham
Just down the road from Applebees
Be there or be a Mitered Square!!!

I'll be chillin on the patio with my sym & my knitting. Probably sipping on a margarita!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Crickets have taken over this blog!!

*Stomp Stomp* Shoo-Shoo! Go Away Crickets!!! You know how the south is in the spring. The bugs come out of thin air!

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. Things have been crazy. Last week I met up with Robbie at her house in Chelsea. I love her house! It is right by a private lake, woods, and just far enough out of the way so that you can't hear traffic!!
We moved the meeting to her place and opened it to Myspace friends this go round. We decided to make some sewing stitches with her mighty mighty surger and sewing machine (mine was having a b#$!*% moment). I've never played with a surger before and I was honored to give hers a try. She has some incredible dresses that she has made and is gettin ready to sell on eBay if anyone is interested. When she posts her wares, I'll post the link to them here!
Me? I made a mini messenger bag out of some nice plad fabric that I still have. Go me huh? Any offers? My plan is to make about 10 more before Bonnaroo so I can sell them to the other cool hippies so they can hold their, stuff.
Next time we meet at Robbie's I think we should have a party with more folks. I kid ya'll not she has an awesome place to hang with nature!

This week's meetup I am taking suggestions. I think that since it is spring and the weather is nice we should meet somewhere with a patio. What do you think?
Suggestions ASAP Please!!! Otherwise I'm choosing for us!! (I don't know if ya'll want that!)
Post a comment or email me at alknitgurl at yahoo.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sunday!! March 11 Stitches and Brews!!

Okay so I've been horrible about posting the recaps. I'm sorry. I've been forgetting to take my camera to applebees!

This week I'll post a great re-cap. OH you want to know about last weeks?
It was great! Robbie, Sym, and our friend AK were there. We drank, stitched (AK watched) drank, smoked chatted about crazy ass folks and patterns. Also I brought a treat for Robbie and me. This girl we went to school with down at Montevallo published a picture book of all the crazy folks we went to school with!! Robbie was in there Twice!! If you are and search out "Everyone knows our town has a ghost".

Okay this week!
Same Place!!
Applebees 119 Pelham
3:00 PM Sunday 3/11

Ya'll come on out now! Hopefully I'll have a new car by then!!!


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