Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sunday!! March 11 Stitches and Brews!!

Okay so I've been horrible about posting the recaps. I'm sorry. I've been forgetting to take my camera to applebees!

This week I'll post a great re-cap. OH you want to know about last weeks?
It was great! Robbie, Sym, and our friend AK were there. We drank, stitched (AK watched) drank, smoked chatted about crazy ass folks and patterns. Also I brought a treat for Robbie and me. This girl we went to school with down at Montevallo published a picture book of all the crazy folks we went to school with!! Robbie was in there Twice!! If you are and search out "Everyone knows our town has a ghost".

Okay this week!
Same Place!!
Applebees 119 Pelham
3:00 PM Sunday 3/11

Ya'll come on out now! Hopefully I'll have a new car by then!!!


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