Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Crickets have taken over this blog!!

*Stomp Stomp* Shoo-Shoo! Go Away Crickets!!! You know how the south is in the spring. The bugs come out of thin air!

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. Things have been crazy. Last week I met up with Robbie at her house in Chelsea. I love her house! It is right by a private lake, woods, and just far enough out of the way so that you can't hear traffic!!
We moved the meeting to her place and opened it to Myspace friends this go round. We decided to make some sewing stitches with her mighty mighty surger and sewing machine (mine was having a b#$!*% moment). I've never played with a surger before and I was honored to give hers a try. She has some incredible dresses that she has made and is gettin ready to sell on eBay if anyone is interested. When she posts her wares, I'll post the link to them here!
Me? I made a mini messenger bag out of some nice plad fabric that I still have. Go me huh? Any offers? My plan is to make about 10 more before Bonnaroo so I can sell them to the other cool hippies so they can hold their, stuff.
Next time we meet at Robbie's I think we should have a party with more folks. I kid ya'll not she has an awesome place to hang with nature!

This week's meetup I am taking suggestions. I think that since it is spring and the weather is nice we should meet somewhere with a patio. What do you think?
Suggestions ASAP Please!!! Otherwise I'm choosing for us!! (I don't know if ya'll want that!)
Post a comment or email me at alknitgurl at yahoo.

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