Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This week's Meet up postponed to Wednesday after Super Bowl

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. We are not meeting up. :-( However we are meeting up on the Wednesday after 6:00 at Applebees.

If you don't like football DIY is running a knitty gritty marathon during the super bowl!! I hate that I'm going to miss that too. I absolutely love to knit while watching football!!!
Ya'll enjoy! See You Wednesday!!!
XOX Lesley


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sunday Stitches and Brews Was a Blast

Brook, Robbie, Symone and Lesley

Projects worked on:
Brook-Ribbi Cardi Sweater
Robbie- Crocheted Tam Hat
Symone-Roaming Applebees and taking pics
Lesley-Head Like a Hole hat (yeah I finished it and gave it a cool name!)

Here's Sym Striking a Pose!
Who was missing?
YOU!! Where are you people? Ya'll are missing all the fun! Get your butt out to Applebee's on 119 in Pelham on Sunday 1/28 at 3:00!! Happy hour is in full affect!
Yeah and my birthday is on Saturday so you should come out and at least have a brew and get the servers to sing happy birthday to me.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

This sunday we are gonna have.... a little more knitting and a little more booze. This sunday I get to participate! :) I'm so excited.. I haven't been able to knit much this week so I am looking forward to Sunday. A couple of hours with nice peaceful relaxing knitting and Booze and friends. How could it get any better??? I love it. I'm so excited. Let us know if your coming!!! Leave us a comment or email Lesley or I. We'll see you there!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Brews and Stitching

We had a fabulous time at Applebees today. (I missed you Brook!!!) A couple of friends of mine came along and are hell bent on stitching with Brook and I in the future! Yay!! It takes a group organizing for folks to show up!!!
Robbie, a good friend of mine for the past 10 years is a crochet, and sewing guru!! She sells her wares on ebay. She showed off some of her awesome kercheif headbands, hats and a swim suit she crocheted! Go Robbie!
Mary is a newbie knitter. I've been working on teaching her for a while now. I think she finally got it today!! She is very excited to start in the world of knitting! Yay!!
Alayna and Symone our little knitters to be also joined us but they stuck to juice and sweet tea.
Also I think next sunday we will meet up at 3 PM at Applebees. That's when their happy hour starts! 99 cent Draft brew, and margaritas and half off well drinks and appetizers. Woo hoo!!!
Robbie may join us on Sunday but she's getting back from Atlanta and may not attend. Mary is working in Huntsville and won't be able to make it so... Where is every one else?
Come on out this Sunday 3PM Applebees Hwy 119 in Pelham!! Bring a couple of bucks for drinks, your sticks and hooks and some good conversation!!!
Woo Hoo!!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Sunday! Knitting and Booze!!!

Hey all! I think it is about time we have a little booze with our knitting. What do you think?
This meetup will be Sunday at Applebees the time around 2ish? We'll knit at the bar, a table or whatever! If you are reading this come on out to the Applebees on hwy 119 (Cahaba Valley Road Exit off I-65)

Be there or be eaten by Rinosaur! Rar!!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Latest Meetup

Well you missed out again. We had fun last night. Let's see... we got all caught up on Knitty Gritty. I learned there is elastic yarn (pretty neat lookin stuff!). Lesley worked on Norberta from Knitty. I am in love with this little dinosaur/dragon. It's absolutely adorable!!! I worked on the Pinwheel Blanket. It is slowly sinking in that I only have about 2 1/2 months left to finish this thing and school is about to start up. Not lookin good. Let me take that back. Blanket is looking really good. Deadline is looking bad. Who's gonna join us for our next meetup??? I think we need one out in public. Something about knitting at applebee's is really starting to sound appealing to me. That may just be were you spot us next time. Come and join us!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Relaxing Knitting

It is FINALLY after the holidays. They are gone, over and finished until next year. Phew!! Don't you just want to relax now? Have a good time, and show off all the new gifts you got? My house, about 6:30 or 7ish. Knitting, Drinks, maybe some pizza (for all of you ready to break your healthy resolutions already). Sounds good huh? Then come on. We want more people for the group. Lesley and I will be there along with miss Symie. Anyone else coming??? email us and let us know!