Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gettin together this Sunday!!!

When: Sunday 12/3/06 3:15 pm (new time due to back to back birthday parties)

Where: Applebees on Hwy 119 (Cahaba Valley Road Exit off I-65)

What the hell we doing at Applebees?
Knitting, enjoy some 1/2 price appetizers and enjoying 99 cent draft beer! Why not? So what if it is Sunday?

Be there or be a mitered square!!

Illustration to make this invite totally cool is from Don't be the Gilmore Girls and not give credit where it is due!!! Knit on!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Knit Day!

Ok Everybody, It's Sunday. You know what that means.... Time for knitting meetup! Lesley, Simone and I all met up today at Cambridge Coffee Shop at Lee Branch. (every sunday at 2pm for those who are wondering!!) And today I have Pictures!

This is LesleyD and this is the teddy bear she was working on last week. Doesn't she rock. That sweater the bear is sporting.. Her first... WITHOUT Pattern!!! I'm so super Impressed!

This is the first of her Fingerless Gloves she is making. Also sans pattern.

Wanna see a new addict in the making???

This is the lovely Symone! She just learned how to knit. Man if I had only learned that young!! I don't think she has become fully addicted yet but we're workin on her!!!

Oh and that's me. I'm working on the baby booty pattern Lesley gave me last week for a friend. They already look like booties, can't you tell!!! :)

Ok that's all the pics for now. If you too want to be famous and brag about all your knitting glory leave us a comment and we'll sign you up or come hunt us down on Sundays and we'll have you plastered on the site by the end of the day!!! Have a good week!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday!!!

I hope you are all out shopping for me!! I'm one of those poor unfortunate people who has to be at work today. :( I know it's sad.... I should be out shopping with all that non-existent money I have. Buy lots of yarn in memory of me and try not to be that one crazy woman we all see on the news tonight who knocks down grandma just so she can be first!! Be nice and knock down someone your own age!!!! Have fun!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!!

Thanksgiving is already here! OMG you know what that means. Christmas will be here faster than you can say turkey in the straw! And is there any way to unwind from the weekend of shopping we are all about to undertake? There is!!!!

We are getting together this Sunday 2:00 PM Cambridge Coffee at the Lee Branch Shopping Center. Bring your WIP's and a couple of bucks for coffee!
(Now I don't know of a more perfect way to unwind from your shop till you drop holiday weekend. Do you?)

If you need directions shoot one of us an email or leave a comment.

Gobble Gobble Folks!!!
Have a great Turkey Day!!

Monday, November 20, 2006


This is going to be the brand spankin new site for the KNIT IN THE HAM! The NEW Birmingham knitting meetup group. Anyone wishing to join let me know. LesleyD and I are the new founders. There were never any groups in our area that we knew of so we have decided to join together and create our own bad-ass group. Anyone that would like to join us is welcome. We are gonna try to meet at some time on Sundays and knit, chat, and drink (whatever you like). Bring whatever your working on and head on down. The two of us have been addicted to knitting for about a year now so don't worry about us being too advanced for you. We are all self taught for the most part! Let us Know or come and join us!!!