Monday, March 24, 2008

Update: On the Status of Knit in the Ham

You may have been directed to this site from Lionsbrand. Our group no longer actively meets.
I know it is very very sad but for me, Sunday is my only day off with my daughter.

I give you various places in the Ham to go!! Yay!!!
Get your stitch'n Bitch on!!!

1. Knit Nite at In the Making
Great group of ladies!! They meet up 2 Thursday nights in the month for some stitchin and bitchin. More info on their site. They are an incredible shop too!

2. Stitchn'Bitch at Knit Nouveau
The shop owner Mercedes is very nice. Her shop is super groovie! At one time they met up 2 Thursdays a month also. Again, check out their site for more info.

Lately, I'm knitting for Thread of Love at CCUMC. If you are interested in joining shoot me an email lesleyd at gmail.

Best of luck if you know of any other knitting/crochet groups meeting up please post them in the comments in this post!!

Knit On!!!

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