Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Knit in the Ham!!

Hi Monica! If you are out there and any other knitter or crocheter is interested in joining us this is for you too!

Knit in the Ham is a group Brook and I started after meeting each other via blogs! That's right Blogs! We found out that we were separated at birth and amazingly haven't crossed paths before! Heck our mom's are even the same age born in the same month and year!! Some of the folks in our normal circles of friends don't get our obsession of yarn, knitting, knitty gritty and all things related to it! So we started getting together once a week. Sunday has been the day of choice since most of the other LYS knitting groups meet during the week and we can't make it! I posted bulletins to my friends & Brook to her friends and friends of friends and so on via myspace and the group has grown to about 4 folks most coming when they can. We'd love for more folks to show up!! We don't stop with knitting. Brook and Robbie both crochet!!
Robbie, my old college roommate, has been crocheting for over a year comes almost every week just so she can work on her projects.
Mary, just started knitting a couple of months ago and loves it and comes when she's in town.
Ashley attended once and we'd love to have her back again, crochets & just learned how to knit.
Lori, just learned how to knit at the Wednesday night meeting after the super bowl.
And of Course Symone my daughter age 7 is the new little knitting instructor in the making.

We will help you with your projects, and can answer any questions you have.
You don't have to be at any level and we won't charge you for lessons (but buying a round would be very nice!) So I tell you what! Sunday March 4 come on out. Bring your yarn & needles and I'll show ya'll the basics to help you get started.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!!! Please come on out and have a brew and stitch a while.

Worsted Weight Yarn (Red Heart Super Saver is a good cheap one)
US Size 8 Knitting needles

Materials are available at wal-mart for a total cost of $4-5 dollars.

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Next Meet up Sunday March 4 Time 3PM At Applebees

Due to lots of folks going out of town this weekend and myself having to attend my baby sister's wedding, we will NOT be meeting this Sunday.

If anybody wants to meet up during the week next week instead of the weekend, send me a message.

IF not, the next meet up will be Sunday March 4 at 3 PM, Applebees Hwy 119 Pelham.

Big Hugs to ya'll!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tomorrow at Applebees 3PM

Stitches and brews!!!! Come on out and join us crazy stitchin beauties for a lovely afternoon at Happy Hour prices! Applebees Hwy 119 Pelham 3-? just come on out and get those UFOs finished!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Tonight is the night! How many of you are going to be there with us. I will be a few minutes late as usual (I am always tardy). Applebee's on 119 @ 6:00pm. Please come and join us we'd love to meet and see you. Don't worry you won't be the only one there gettin all crafty. They are used to Lesley and the rest of us by now. It really is fun. And BEER! How can you pass up Beer while knitting. I'm tellin ya, you don't want to miss out here!!! Come on out and join us. We rarely get to do one during the week! See you Tonight!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Fun Stuff!!!

From September 2006-December 2006 I was in a Punk Rock Gift Exchange, and I had fun! The folks that ran it were awesome! If you are interested in signing up for it, the blog is here. I am soooo participating in it again! All the rules etc are posted. Warning: You must be fully committed to it. The last time there were a bunch of flakes that ruined it for some of the folks. You can read all the details at the blog. I believe the time line on it this time will run until the summer.

Free Pattern Sites: Yes you know the name! They have a ton of wonderfully affordable yarns at Michaels, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby! You can also order their yarn from their website. They have a TON of free patterns when you register on their site! They will email their newest ones in a weekly newsletter. They have knitting & crochet patterns!!!! TONS of fun Patterns Knitting & Crochet!!! They also have a great newsletter too! And what knitter doesn't have this site bookmarked? This was the first site I came accross when I first started knitting. I aspired to knit the "Cool boys knit" hoodie but he he he I've yet to attempt that one! I love their articles too! This site puts out monthly patterns! So much fun!!!! I love looking back on some of their patterns! These ladies Rock! It is a quarterly general craft mag that is unique. Not only are there knitting & crochet patterns but they also have recipes and other cool crafty thing(sewing patterns, sculptures, etc)


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Friday, February 02, 2007

Knitting/Crochet service announcement!

Check it out! Webs is having an awesome sale. They also carry the Vicki Howell collection. (Yeah she's got her own yarn line now!) Too freaking cool!!!
Webs Yarn and cool knitting stuff!

I have been crazy busy this week and I'm sorry I've not posted this sooner. We had a new addition to our Stitches and Brews! Welcome Ashley M! I hope we get to see you soon again! Ashley has been crocheting for years and just picked up knitting! You should have seen her scarf that she was knitting on! It was a precious garter stitch scarf in paton's tweed. You rock darlin! Welcome to our group of yarn frenzied ladies!

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